Formed from a studio band that recorded Mat Shoare’s solo album by the same name The Empty Spaces have been interpreting Shoare’s song writing since early 2010. Eventually the three piece began to collaborate more with song arrangements and stylistic choices yielding a kind of “retro-punk rock” that is fronted with an energetic, yelping vocal style.

The freshman EP “Low Noise” is now available on Golden Sound Records and highlights the band’s energy and power with live takes of four songs.

“Low Noise”

Now available on Golden Sound Records

The debut EP from The Empty Spaces, recorded live to a 2-track tape machine in their rehearsal space on a pleasant May morning. Low Noise highlight’s Shoare’s songwriting and the band’s energy.

“…a trio that forges its manic post-punk attitude with some retro sounds, including rockabilly, garage rock, and AM pop.”

— Kansas City Star

“Low Noise” is a fine record worth a listen from a band to keep an eye on.”

— Ink Magazine